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“Salli AutoSmart recognizes whether the user is reading something on the screen or typing on the keyboard, and automatically adjusts itself to the optimal height for each task. Salli AutoSmart can have an unlimited amount of users, because the table and monitors adjust themselves according to the login information.

AutoSmart software (5 M, for PC-computers)
Desk top 160 cm x 90 cm x 2.5 cm
Black frame, height 63-129 cm
1, 2 or 3 adjustable monitor arms
Wireless Powerkiss loading system for mobile devices
Recess gives support for back and shoulders
Colours: glossy white (in stock), light grey and birch (delivery time 3 weeks)
Maximum load 160 kg
Piezo ™ (registers the resistance when the desk is driven up or down)
Warranty 2 years”

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