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Ready to use solutions for fast, strong and highly aesthetic splints- F-Splint-Aid is a fibreglass ribbon pre-impregnated with bonding agent, ideal for all situations where you need to make an unexpected emergency splinting. Thanks to the ease of use, it is particularly suitable for the stabilization of teeth which are mobile or loose due to trauma or periodontal disease, and for temporary repositioning of front teeth extracted or reconstructed in composite.

Application of F-Splint-Aid takes just a few simple steps:
Extract the fibreglass ribbon pre-impregnated with bonding agent from the bottle and cut it to the desired length.
Poisiton it on the previously etched palatal/lingual surfaces.
Immobilize it with Clip &Splint, the special fixation clips by Polydentia.
Finally light-cure.

The fibreglass is very easy to handle, will not fray and does not require the use of any special scissors. The handy resealable bottle serves to avoid wasting of fibre-glass and bonding agent, also making the application rapid and comfortable for both the dentist and patient. The results are aesthetically excellent and non-invasive, and they provide optimal durability and reliability.

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