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The Fiber-Splint ML Mini Starter Kit allows to create extremely thin and strong splints, thanks to the Fiber-Splint Multi-Layer fibreglass ribbon.

The use of the Fiber-Plast silicone key included in the kit allows to reproduce with extreme precision the original position of the teeth, giving optimal aesthetic results. Furthermore, the transparency of the silicone allows polymerization of the fibreglass directly through the impression.

The advantages of Mini Starter Kit are particularly noticeable in the case of splints/ fixation after extraction.

How to use the kit:
Take the impression of the teeth of interest, using the Fiber-Plast silicone key. Place the extracted tooth, without the root, into the impression. Measure and cut the Fiber-Splint ML fibreglass ribbon to the desired length, soak the strip in adhesive agent and place the impression into the mouth. Finally light-cure through the impression.

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