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Narrow Diameter Reduced Surgical Kit

Stopper (9 mm) CT-STOP07
Stopper ( 11 mm) CT-STOP09
Stopper (13 mm) CT-STOP09
Locator drill CT-2020
2.0 external irrigation drill CT-1720E
3.0 external irrigation drill ND-1726E Counterbore ND-1730E
Drill extender CT-2000
Implant ratchet driver short ND-E7001
Implant ratchet driver long ND-E7001L
Manual hex driver short CT-9025S
1.25 mm hextool torque wrench attachements (short) CT-8051
Paralleling pins qty 2 (1.6 mm – 2.0 mm) CT-9000
Ratchet CT-8010
Latch driver, ND-E9040”

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