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Quickmat Deluxe Kit

Sectional matrix system for perfect class II restorations- Quickmat Deluxe is the sectional matrix system that allows to create perfect, extremely precise and anatomically correct contact points in class II restorations. The system is characterized by its simplicity and ease of use; one single type of universal ring is compatible with all clinical applications. Contoured sectional matrices fit prefectly to the contact area of the adjacent tooth and completely surround the cervical shoulder, thanks to the action of interdental wood wedges. The Quick rings, distinguished by their elasticity, ensure perfect adaptation of the matrix to the anatomy of the tooth and are also autoclavable at 134 °C. Polydentia has expanded its range of matrices and accessories, offering a complete system to meet every need in posterior restorations.

Quick rings: Made of stainless steel and autoclavable at 134 °C, they guarantee perfect fitting of the matrix to the tooth. Moreover, these rings are very handy for the reconstruction of MOD cavities thanks to the special angulation of the ends which allows for easy stacking of two Quick rings.

Re-Force insert for Quick rings: Once placed upon the ring, it allows to increase the separation force exerted on the teeth. The insert is made of high-tec materials and can be sterilized in an autoclave at 134 °C. Its form confers more stiffness upon the ring: the dentist can therefore choose whether to carry out the separation using wedges and/or reinforced rings, with the insert applied. This ensures the creation of perfect contact points and greater flexibility of work, since a single movement allows to increase or decrease the rigidity of the ring.

Delta silicone tubes: Particularly suitable in case of very extensive cavities. Applied to both ends of the Quick ring, they perfectly fit to the convexity of the teeth thanks to their innovative triangular shape, facilitating adhesion and adaptation of the matrix.

Silicone tubes (cylindrical): In the presence of large cavities, they are applied to the ends of the Quick ring in order to increase their adhesion to the matrix and to prevent them from sinking too deeply into the interproximal space.

Thin (0.04 mm) and microthin (0.025mm) contoured sectional matrices: With anatomical form and easy to burnish. In the case of serrated interdental spaces, the microthin version allows to obtain very tight contact points with an ideal morphology.

Contoured matrices with special extension: Allow to achieve perfect anatomical contours and consistently tight proximal contacts in subgingival restorations and extended cervical preparations.

Sectional matrices made of transparent polyester: also available in a special version with extension, to obtain complete curing of class II composite restorations.

Assorted maple wood wedges: Available in different sizes, for optimal separation of the teeth.

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