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Silosept® is an immersion disinfectant and cleaning agent for dental impressions and dental laboratory instruments.

Safe immersion disinfection for all types of impressions
The entire surface is easily wetted.
for impressions made of silicone (A silicone, C silicone), polyether, alginate, Vinylsiloxanether®.

Broad spectrum of action
Disinfectant solution is changed daily which is a big plus for hygiene and cleanliness.
Reliably eliminates the relevant microbial spectrum: bacteria, fungi, HBV, HCV, HIV and TbB.

Simple, cost-effective handling
Concentrate: one tub produces 40 L immersion solution.
Easy to transport, saves storage space, effort and waste.
Completely biodegradable.

Immersion disinfection for dental impressions
Immersion disinfection for dental laboratory instruments.

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