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  • Quickmat Deluxe Kit

    Quickmat Deluxe Kit

    Sectional matrix system for perfect class II restorations- Quickmat Deluxe is the sectional matrix system that allows to create perfect, extremely precise and anatomically correct contact points in class II restorations. The system is characterized by its simplicity and ease of use; one single type of universal ring is compatible with all clinical applications. Contoured

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  • Clip&Splint Application Clips

    Clip&Splint Application Clips

    Transparent Fixation Clips – Clip&Splint are special fixation clips designed by Polydentia SA to ensure optimal positioning and adhesion of fiberglass ribbon in the interdental spaces during light-curing. Thanks to these clips, the fiberglass fits perfectly to the surface of the teeth, ensuring a result free of irregularities, thus preventing accumulation of plaque. Easy to

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