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Blue M Periocare Toothpaste 75ml

Fluoride Toothpaste

BlueM toothpaste for natural teeth

BlueM has developed a new variant of its toothpaste: BlueM perio care with fluoride. BlueM believes it is important to offer our product as natural as possible. Therefore, BlueM has chosen calcium fluoride as an active ingredient, instead of commonly used chemical variants: sodium fluoride or natrium fluoride.

Advantages BlueM toothpaste with fluoride:

  • Unique formula focusing on active oxygen and calcium fluoride
  • Ensures teeth and gums stay healthy
  • Normalizes and controls harmful bacteria
  • Powerful breath care
  • Prevents colour differences and contributes to the maintenance of white teeth
  • helps maintain a beautiful smile
  • pH neutral
  • Relatively liquid and therefore more effective in removing plaque than other toothpaste brands

How Fluoride works

Fluoride is a substance which is present in the enamel and the dentin in teeth of our elements. Dentin is coated with a hard layer of enamel. Fluoride ensures the hardness of teeth so that it is more resistant to tooth decay. This removes the likelihood of issues such as dental caries (cavities), wear through erosion or abrasion. In some cases fluoride can help small holes within the enamel to recover, reducing the need for dental repairs.

A Less Viscous Toothpaste

BlueM toothpaste is thinner than other toothpaste brands. This aids the nylon hairs of toothbrushes in the removal of plaque. It does this whilst administering the active oxygen.


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