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PowerCut Crown Cutter

Maximum cutting performance without jamming or catching

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New blade design ensures more efficient & quicker preparation

Separation of the Crown & Bridge metal frame as well as the preparation of titanium abutments.

The high speed and quality of the new PowerCut are impressive when preparing cavities, particularly in the case of molars. Its outstanding efficiency is also highlighted when removing amalgam and composite fillings. The high cutting performance and reinforced cross-cut ensures that any crown metal can be cut quickly and effectively. The PowerCut is not however intended for preparing facing porcelain or all-ceramic. The blade geometry also makes it suitable for preparing titanium abutments.

Instructions for use

PowerCut instruments can be operated in a turbine or micromotor with a red-ring contra-angle at a motor speed of 60,000 – 160,000 rpm. It is recommended to use a micromotor at 60,000 rpm for non-precious metal alloys. Porcelain facings should be removed with a diamond rotary instrument prior to using the PowerCut as a crown cutter.

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