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EL Implant Ø 3.8

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EL Implant Characteristics

Bevelled Shoulder

  • Facilitates bone growth above the shoulder
  • Long term implant stability
  • Biological repartition of the forces in cortical bone

Micro Grooving

  • Softens forces to the cortical bone during insertion
  • Facilitates cortical one maintenance

Triple acid etched surface topography

  • Best surface for osseointegration and bone to implant contact

Aggressive apical design

  • Ideal for immediate implant placement
  • Guarantees primary stability

Rounded apex

  • promotes the protection of the sinus floor, nerve canal and other important anatomical structures during insertion

Subcrestal seating

  • Hinders exposure of the implant through bone resorption
  • Ideal for the esthetic zone
  • Long term esthetic stability

Three different threading profiles

  • Thread designs adapted to different bone structures that occur along the lenght of the implant
  • Enhanced surface area
  • Round but cutting apex design

Double lead thread

  • Insertion rate of 2 mm per rotation
  • guarantees primary stability
  • Increased bone to implant contact
  • Faster and even insertion while protecting bone structure

Thread in thread / groove in groove 

  • Increase bone to implant contact

Concave esthetic concept 

  • Non surgical thickening of the peri-implantary tissue
  • Facilitates the papilla reconstruction technique

Platform switching 

  • Reduces one loss
  • Better representation of the biological width
  • Promotes long term esthetic stability

One connection for all 5 diameters

  • Simplifies the system
  • Reduces inventory
  • Ease of use

Cold weld seal

  • Prevents bacterial infiltration of the implant/ prosthetic connection and consequent bone loss

Morse locking conical connection 

  • Eliminates micro-movements
  • Reduces the risk of screw loosening

Indexing hex

  • Provides antirotational security

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11mm, 13mm, 15mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm

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