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Futar® D

2 x 50ml Cartridges, + mixing tips

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Futar D is an injectable, elastomeric bite registration material based on A silicone for creating precise impressions of the occlusal situation and is available in both Regular and Fast versions. Futar D & Futar D Fast can be used for bite registrations and are suitable for applications that require a hard silicone. Thanks to the short working time, Futar D Fast is particularly useful for smaller applications.

Futar D offers extra-high final hardness (Shore D 43) combined with a noticeably easier option for further processing. Also available as Fast version: For even more patient comfort!

Precise Working
The extra-high final hardness (Shore D43) minimizes compression when mounting models in the laboratory
Precise results thanks to the outstanding flow properties.

Comfortable Working
Easy to process and easy to handle with a bur.

High thixotropic so it does not flow away into the interdental spaces but remains stable on the tooth.

Modern setting characteristics
Regular set: comfortable working time (30 seconds), short intraoral setting time (90 seconds) for ease of use.
Fast Set: short working time (15 seconds), extra short intraoral setting time (45 seconds): the registration is ready in just 1 minute

Futar® D – 30-seconds working time
Bite registration (full dental arch)
Loading the bite fork
Registration (general)
Registration orthodontics
Bite registration (segment)

Futar® D Fast – 15 -seconds working time
Bite registration (segment)
Loading the bite fork
Registration (general)
Registration orthodontics
Bite registration (full dental arch)

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Futar D, Futar D Fast, Futar Scan

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