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GHENESYL is the new-generation Type-A silicone (polyvinylsiloxane) that provides, thanks to its
characteristics, the highest accuracy in taking dental impressions.
The wide range of hardness and viscosity of the product allows to obtain excellent results using any
technique of impression taking.
Ghenesyl is a compound free from cavities and air-bubbles.

With High Hydrophilicity GHENESYL easily adapts to diff erent dental structures and
preparation cavities in a moist clinical environment while reproducing fi ne margins.
The contact angle measurement (wettability index) is less than 10 °.

GHENESYL is highly tixotropic and stays in place after dispensing.
The material fl ows well under pressure.
GHENESYL accuracy and color contrast between putty and wash
help you read details with ease.

Maximum working time allows a prolonged plastic
phase and reduces the margin of error linked to an early
insertion of the impression material in the oral cavity
during its elastic phase.
It also allows You to use any technique of impression
taking (Putty-Wash, Sandwich or Single-phase).

Working time including mixing time (23 °) – 2’00”
Minimum time in mouth (37 °) – 1’30”
Elastic recovery % – 99.99
Dimensional stability – 7 days

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