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Maxlfex Snap-On Discs Set 1013

Ideal for contouring, finishing and high shine of all restoration surfaces, composite, amalgam, glass ionomer cement, semi-precious and precious metals. They are constructed with a miniture plastic micro-socket for good visibility, this also allows the working part of the disc to completly cover the mandrel head to prevent damage to the tooth while finishing. Each step has a specially graded grit to ensure perfect polishing results.

Mandrel design prevents slipping
Covered mandrel – avoid scarring and discolouration
Super thin foil disc – ideal access to the tooth surface
The discs are coated on one side with aluminium oxide
Easy handling thanks to the colour coded discs

Contains each 30 pieces of: MFD200, MFD204, MFD201, MFD205, MFD202, MFD206, MFD203, MFD207 and 1 piece of CTP062

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