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Nical Smart Micro Intraoral X-Ray Scanner

A leader for over 30 years in the field of radiographic imaging NICAL presents SMART MICRO. The smallest dental plate reader offering the highest quality features:

Completely automatic functions
High quality images
Long life imaging plates

SMART MICRO offers an ID of the reading, cancellation, and plate expulsion all completely automatic.

Plate is removed automatically from the protective cover without the presence of light or finger contact.
Reading function offers a high level of quality even if 10 times the dose is mistakenly used.

Advantages of image plate vs image sensor detection:
Workflow similar to film
Easy placement due to no need for a cable
Available in 4 sizes for different modes of use
Improved sterility due to sealed plate cover used one time only.

The NICAL IMAGE PLUS software allows the acquisition and processing of images.
It also enables the enhancement of image quality allowing DICOM network compatibility.

Once installed and configured the software allows immediate use of the NICAL SMART MICRO.

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