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Rubber Dam Size Medium

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x 36 pieces

The orthodontists works in unfavorable conditions due to blood and saliva, which hinders his work, not being able to work in a clean field. To avoid these problems over one hundred years Dr. Barnum designed the Rubber Dyke. The application of the Rubber Dyke is essential to a good and proper orthodontic treatment.
It is one of the most effective means in controlling salivary flow, and protect the prepared dental cavity from humidity, and maintain an aseptic field when needed.

Low Protein Feature
Medesy dental dams are treated to reduce the latex extractable protein to minimize any allergic reaction to the skin caused by latex protein.

Why Powderfree Feature Is Important?
Powder is used to prevent the dental dam to stick each other. Unfortunately it also carries the latex proteins in contact with the skin, causing allergic reaction to sensitive patient.

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