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Sicra Occlusal Brushes Gold Plated

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x 10 pieces

STODDARD Sica occlusal polishing brushes provide a single-step, fast and effective polishing system for and. Polishing paste is not necessary as the special filaments are loaded with fine silicon carbide polishing particles for an exception ghlustre finish. As the brushes wear, abrasive grit is consistently exposed on each filament at the polishing surface. High quality results are achieved more efficiently than with conventional polishers. STODDARD Sica occlusal brushes are available in three shapes for easy polishing of occlusal and interproximal areas: cup, point and pencil.

A high lustre satin finish polishing of restorations made of composites, compomers and glass ionomer cements
No polishing paste required
One step finishing and polishing
Faster and more efficient than polishing paste systems
Very economical
Available with gold cups
Low heat generation

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Flat End, Pointed

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