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Exa Technique

Polishers For Acrylic

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3-step polishing system suitable for denture and orthodontic acrylics

Pre-trimming, for rapid material reduction

Step 1 = Green: Coarse grit

Silicone polisher suitable for finishing and contouring. Removes scratches and smoothens the material surface.

Also suitable for adjustment of permanently soft acrylics.

Polishing, for smoothing surfaces

Step 2 = Grey: Medium grit

Silicone polisher for smoothing and condensing material surfaces. Produces a slight lustre.

Suitable for preparation of high-lustre polishing.

High-Lustre polishing

Step 3 = Yellow: Fine grit

Silicone polisher for optimally smoothing and condensing material surfaces.

Produces a high-shine polish without polishing paste

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Round End Cylinder, Cylinderical, Flame, Round


Coarse, Fine, Medium


UM- Unmounted, HP – Straight Handpiece

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