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CX416 Carbide Cutter X-Cut Medium 6.0mm

x 1 piece

Stoddard carbide cutters have the maximum number of blades required by the ISO standard for all carbide cutters. Other manufacturers reduce production costs by making their cutters with the minimum number of blades required by the standard.
Stoddard carbide cutters are made of one piece of solid carbide for all cutters up to a working part of size 2.3mm. Therefore these cutters are 100% accurate, no breakages etc.
Stoddard carbide cutters have a sharper blade angle which allows smooth working on recommended materials without using pressure. This is easier to use for the operative and results in less wear on the handpiece which means- longer life and reduced repair costs.
Stoddard carbide cutters have a special uniform group blading where all the cutter head blades have the same cutting geometry- working with either the top or the side of the cutter will poduce the same perfect results.

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