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Diamond Porcelain Polishers

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Diamond Porcelain Polishers

New ceramic systems and their processing techniques require new polishing systems. Specifically developed for gently polishing porcelain and all-ceramics restorations (zirconia)

Diamond grit with a highly condensed, long mesh synthetic bonder, produce an outstanding surface texture. Finish, smooth and high lustre polish without using polishing paste or needing an extra glaze firing.

These StarGloss polishers are guaranteed to polish all-ceramics ZrO2 gently and successfully.

Step 1 – Blue:     Coarse grit –  For pre-grinding, for quick and bulk material reduction.

Step 2 – Pink:     Medium grit – For smoothing the surfaces and preparation for final glaze.

Step 3 – Grey:     Superfine grit – For high-shine polishing without additional final glaze.

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1st step – trimming, 2nd step – polishing, 3rd step – high shine polishing


Flame, Tapered Wheel, Wheel

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