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BlueM Aligner Cleaner

BlueM aligner cleaner oral foam is a rich foam, specially developed to condition gums and oral mucosa and to clean dentures and orthodontic appliances, such as (clear) aligners, night guards and dentures. The oral foam contains a specialised formula, designed by a world renowned dentist and oral surgeon, which helps teeth look and be their best.

Healthy mouth, healthy body!
Who should use oral foam?

  • people wearing orthodontic appliances like: clear aligners, retainers and fixed braces
  • bruxists (people who grind teeth) with night guards
  • people wearing dentures
  • people living the fast life. Easy and fast extra support in oral hygiene
  • athletes wearing protective mouth guards
  • people with poor breath or dry mouth
  • people who went through oral surgery

How to use?

To assist daily oral hygiene: apply oral foam after brushing with blue®m toothpaste by spraying 2 pumps directly into the mouth. Allow to act for at least 60 seconds. Do not swallow and do not rinse your mouth after use.
To clean orthodontic appliances and dentures: apply foam into tray or denture. Spread foam evenly to cover all areas. Place tray or denture with foam in your mouth and spit out excess foam. Persistent stains can be removed with a soft toothbrush after applying foam. Wear as directed by your dental professional. For fixed braces follow instructions to assist oral hygiene.


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