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Blue M Wound Support Gel

BlueM oral gel 15ml

Specially developed

BlueM oral gel is specially developed by a team of implantologists, oral surgeons and dentists for specific problems in the mouth:

Intended Use:

BlueM Oral Gel is intended to improve healing by enhancing the levels of oxygen at pockets, bleeding gum, wounds which can result from extraction, implantation, chemotherapy or false teeth.

Intended users:

Intended patients are persons needing improved healing at pockets, bleeding gum, wounds which can result from extraction, implantation, chemotherapy or false teeth in their mouth.

BlueM oral gel is unique due to the high level of active oxygen.  Oxygen is important in all the 5 steps of the healing process of wounds. BlueM oral gel:

  • Normalizes and controls harmful bacteria
  • Reduces and prevents inflammation
  • Accelerates the wound healing process

Compared to other BlueM pr4oducts, BlueM oral gel releases more active oxygen, making the oral gel immediately effective for different oral problems and the gel can be applied easily with the Terumo syringes.


The effectiveness of BlueM oral gel has been proven for several problems:

  • Repairing abrasions caused by dentures
  • Fast recovery of cold sores

Check out below some amazing results after using BlueM oral gel. The marked area significantly shows bone growth after using BlueM oral gel treating peri-implantitis

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