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Oromed Gel

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OROMED® Gel is a ready-to-use, hydro-alcoholic gel with a broad antimicrobial activity for the surgical and hygienic hand and forearm disinfection. The clear, non-sticky, and residue-free formulation is pleasant to use, dries quickly, and leaves hands feeling velvety smooth. OROMED® Gel incorporates a unique skin protection system, made up of moisturizers, emollients, vitamins, and soothing compounds, shielding even the most sensitive hands from the effects of frequent disinfection. OROMED® Gel provides relief from dryness and irritation. The high content of antioxidants and anti-aging substances neutralizes harmful free radicals, which cause premature aging. OROMED® Gel is free of fragrances, and dyes. The gel is biodegradable.

  • Kills 101 microorganisms
    Active against even the most resistant viruses incl. adenovirus, norovirus and poliovirus.
  • Broad effective spectrum
    Active against bacteria, mycobacteria, fungi, and viruses (including norovirus) within 30 seconds.
  • Free of fragrance and colorants
    The dye- and fragrance-free formula significantly reduces the risk of allergy.
  • Excellent skin compatibility
    Dermatological tests have confirmed excellent skin compatibility.
  • Contains anti-aging ingredients
    The hand disinfectant contains anti-aging ingredients, moisturizers, emollients, skin protection agents, vitamins, and soothing agents for maximum skin protection.
  • Dermatologically tested
    The product has been dermatologically tested and deemed suitable for daily use.
  • Rapid skin absorption
    The non-greasy, non-sticky formula is rapidly absorbed by the skin, ensuring non-sticky hands.
  • Low viscosity
    The low-viscosity gel facilitates hand disinfection and ensures drip-free dosing.
  • Non-sticky formulation
    The non-sticky hand disinfectant is also suitable for disinfecting non-sterile latex, nitrile, and vinyl examination gloves.
  • Biodegradable
    The solution is biodegradable and does not negatively impact the ecosystem.
  • Complies with European hand hygiene standards
    The hand disinfectant meets the latest requirements of the European standards for hand disinfection EN 1500 and EN 12791.

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1 litre, 5 litres, 500ml

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