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  • Luxator® – All you need for a successful extraction!

    Luxator® – All you need for a successful extraction!

    Directa Dental:

    The Luxator instruments were invented by a Swedish dentist to make extractions as trauma free as possible. He developed subtleties in the design that only a practicing dentist would appreciate. With an acclaimed, ergonomic handle Luxator Instruments are discernibly different. The Luxator is ergonomically designed for comfort and control during use. The shape and size of the handle is designed to minimize the force needed. The Luxator extraction instrument product range enhances the outstanding selection of high quality extraction instruments from Directa. Luxator® is a registered trademark owned by Directa.

    Luxator Periotomes

    Luxator Periotome, periodontal ligament knives. Preserved bone integrity and dramatically less trauma for your patients and their dentition. Luxator Periotomes are specially designed with fine tapering blades that compress the alveolar bone, cut the membrane and gently ease the tooth from its socket. The whole operation is performed with a minimum of tissue damage. Available in 8 blade sizes.
    Luxator Short Periotome, the original with a shorter blade. Attains the correct working position, even with smaller hands. The blade is 10mm shorter than on regular Luxator Periotome. Available in 5 blade sizes.
    Luxator Dual Edge Periotome, innovative dual purpose tip. Luxator Dual Edge integrated probing Luxator Periotome. Safer stepped insertion reduces the risk of slipping. Ideal for deeply fractured teeth and decayed roots. Available in 2 blade sizes.
    Luxator Periotome Titanium, glides easier into the socket. The Luxator Periotome Titanium offers enhanced durability. Extraction is performed with a minimum of tissue damage. The durable titanium coated tip does not require sharpening.  Available in 4 blade sizes.
    Luxator LX, mechanical periotome. Setting a new standard for trauma free extraction, the Luxator LX mechanical periotome offers improved safety, precision and access.The self directing tip allows the periotome tip to follow the root surface, reducing the risk of bone damage. With a reciprocating tip enables a secure cutting of the fibers in a patient friendly way.

    Luxator Elevation

    Luxator Forte Elevator, for controlled and safer tooth elevation. Luxator Forte Elevator incorporates the world acclaimed ergonomic handle and a unique cornered, rigid tip that enables elevation of roots without risk of damaging the instrument. Luxator Forte is the perfect match to Luxator Periotome to end a successful extraction! Available in 4 blade sizes.
    Luxator RootPicker, grips debris after extraction. Luxator RootPicker is a short and rigid instrument easy to insert into the alveolus. The cleverly designed tip provides a sure grip on the debris. Their straight and angled tips make them ideal for use in the anterior area as well as in the posterior maxillary and mandibular areas.

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