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Brilliant White Orthodontic Plaster Type 3 Hard

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Type3 hard stone specifically developed for all orthodontic models, demonstration and antagonist.

Ortotypo3 is characterized by high hardness, extra fine granulometry, low expansion and fast setting time. It is often used with acrylic resins (both hot or cold polymerization processes) with unaltered surface and no models’ breakage risks.
It is compatible with all impression material and all products for the isolation of plaster against plaster.
Final colour: Extra-white.

• Water/powder ratio: 25 ml/100 g
• Imbibition time: 20’’
• Manual mixing time: 60’’
• Mechanical mixing time: 30’’
• Pouring time: 3’
• Setting time: 7’
• Time for separation after setting*: 30’
• Setting expansion (after 2 hours): 0,09 %
• Compressive strength (after 24 hours): 60 MPa – 8.700 Psi – 610 Kg/cm2
• Rockwell hardness (after 24 hours): 60 HRl

Measurements at 23°C with deionized water.

* Depending on the impression material used, the times indicated may vary.


TOR325 – 1 x 25 kg bucket
TOR306 – 1 x 6 kg bucket

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25Kg, 6Kg

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