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Stone Type IV Extra Hard

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Type 4 extra hard stone, light grey colour, for master models, extractable stumps for crowns and bridges, inlays/onlays, partial dentures, implant and and antagonists.
Scannable with all laser/optical/tactile reading systems.

The longer pouring time allows the pouring of multiple models with a single mixture.

The maximum accuracy in details reproductions, combined with high mechanical features (reduced setting expansion, thixotropicity, optimal working time, rapid setting time, high resistance to compression, abrasion and chipping) allow to obtain models with smooth and compact surfaces, also in presence of extremely thin thicknesses, to guarantee the realization of precise prosthetic models.
The light grey colour improves chromatic contrast with materials used in manufacturing prosthesis, like waxes, acrylics or aesthetic materials.
Singletypo 4 Light Grey is compatible with all impression material and all products for the isolation of plaster against plaster.
Final colour: Light grey.

• Water/powder ratio: 22 ml/100 g
• Imbibition time: 20”
• Manual mixing time: 60”
• Mechanical mixing time: 30”
• Pouring time: 7’
• Setting time: 14’
• Time for separation after setting*: 30’
• Setting expansion (after 2 hours): 0,09%
• Compressive strength (after 24 hours): 103 MPa – 14.927 Psi – 1.051 Kg/cm2
• Rockwell hardness (after 24 hours): 95 HRl

Measurements at 23°C with deionized water.

* Depending on the impression material used, the times indicated may vary.


TXG425 – 1 x 25 kg bucket
TXG406 – 1 x 6 kg bucket

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25 Kg, 6 Kg

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